About My Art

I picked up a paint brush almost 20 years ago and discovered my affinity for watercolors. I love exploring with mixed media and experimenting with textures in my paintings. A couple of yers a go, I started working with alcohol inks and love them! 


I have won numerous awards for my art and I have been a member of the Shoals Artist Guild and of the Tennessee Valley Art Center in Tuscumbia, AL. I have studied art under several  well known instructors and try to take art workshops whenever I can. I currently paint with a group of incredible  Artists at Bethel Church in Redding, CA.


The Purpose of My Art

& More Information


 My art of course, has evolved over the years.


In previous years, my art portrayed the heart of God for the "least of these". His hurting heart carries. In these art pieces I wanted to bring awareness of the furious love that heals all hurts for these people whether they may be orphans, prostitutes, abandoned, stolen or broken.

Recent years, has had me creating pieces of beauty that bring about calmness, serenity and hope. 


My Experience in Art
  • I was an accomplished Sugar Artist for more than 15 years and owned my own specialty bakery and catering store for 3 years.

  • I have taught cake decorating, candy making, and stamp art classes at a local Hobby Lobby.

  • I taught art classes at a local Home School group. And  in previous years have held an art camp for young children.

  • I have been accepted into several juried art shows and have won numerous ribbons for my art.

  • I have participated in several juried art shows such as Arts Alive and The Hellen Keller Festival with great success.

  • My art graces the CD of I Have Hope by Brian Hill.

  • My art has been featured in the newspaper several times.


  • My art has sold at auctions for Adoption and Orphan Relief in fundraisers for Holt International, Love Without Borders and others. 

  • My art graces the cover of Dr. Shirley Holland's book, Woman, From the Beginning.

My Artist Statement


Surprisingly, there are times that I have no words, but I have a colorful palette and some paintbrushes. As a song writers grasp for words to portray the stirrings of their heart, I grasp for color, design, symbols and textures to express the beauty, love, hope and life that Jesus offers to the forgotten and neglected or the lonely and hopeless. 


Often times, I am surprised by the story that surfaces as the painting evolves. Having been raised in a third world country, as well as beign a mother of 15 kids,14 of which are adopted internationally and traveling the world extensively, I am drawn to portray the images I have encountered in my experiences along with the message of hope in my work. I have come to realize  that my art is a gift entrusted to me by God to create breakthrough in other's lives. With each stroke of my brush I can give a voice to the forgotten and lonely, cry out for justice for the neglected and abused, give hope and healing to a wounded heart, ignite other with passion to intervene for a lost soul and to petition my loving Father to release the messengers of fire and wind from his throne, and to attend to those that are abandoned and hurting. 

In recent years, my work still has the same message but has moved more to portray the beauty of color around us to bring about a sense of calm and peace. 

All work is copyrighted and you must have permission of the artist to use the art in any form or fashion.