Hi, I'm Melissa Carter and I've always had a creative streak. My love for watercolor developed when my cake/catering business ended up  being beside Tim Stevenson's Art Studio in Florence, AL.  Later I had the priviledge of studying under Tim to develop my art skills. Of course, my favorite media to play around with is watercolor. I'm  privilegded to be married to Duane Carter who is a pretty awesome and incredible husband.  I'm a mom to kids from six different countries. Twelve to be exact! They are Seora (24), Maggie (23) Johnny-son in law (22), Ben (21), Nathaniel (21), Edith (19), and Graham (17).  Allenni (12), Andrew (13), Eli (9), Violetti (7), Isaiah (5) and we are headed to Uganda this year to get Johnny (4). 


We currently moved to Redding, California from Florence, AL. All Fourteen of us with our two dogs make up the multicultural Carters.